Turn display off?

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Turn display off?

Message par lucamoiana » dim. 10 mars 2019 11:59

Hi, sorry I'm posting in english, I'm more confident.

I just got the audiophonics DIY network player and it sounds great, two problems are annoying me:
  1. Spotify Volumio connect 2 won't work , and I'm looking for answers on volumio forum
  • Display won't turn off, it keeps flashing Audiophonics logo and won't stop as it did few days ago (no updated done)
Any help on point 2 ??

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Re: Turn display off?

Message par Nicko » jeu. 11 avr. 2019 12:53

If the OLED is blinking on Audiophonics logo, it mean that the python script is crashing, and restarting.
It can occur when Volumio service is not up, or the Q2M driver not loaded

Are you using our pre-built image available on our blog ?