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piCorePlayer 7 and 8 with EVO-SABRE Balanced DAC 2xES9038Q2M

Publié : jeu. 05 août 2021 09:58
par peteS
For anyone that's interested, I've created a bespoke extension for piCorePlayer 7 and 8 to enable the second screen and remote control for the EVO-SABRE Balanced DAC, which I guess will likely work with other devices as well. I've also updated the python file to python 3 to work with pcp, made that python file much more specific to LMS (read track format info from the LMS rather than alsa, read all the LMS info in one call rather than seperate ones etc.), and updated the infrared to control squeezelite directly rather than via an old expect script.

If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll be happy to share it.

pete S