AUDIO-GD HE-9 vs Classé CP-800

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AUDIO-GD HE-9 vs Classé CP-800

Message par slappy » ven. 15 juin 2018 13:53

I just discoved Audiophonics and i am very impressed of what they have. Is someone have compared the AUDIO-GD HE-9 or any other AUDIO-GD preamp with the Classé CP-800 ?


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Re: AUDIO-GD HE-9 vs Classé CP-800

Message par Audiophonics » lun. 06 août 2018 10:31

CP-800 is a very beautiful product.

But if you take a look inside :


I cannot see anything like Audio-gd has to offer.

. Regenerativ PSU (with linear regulated output)
. R-Core transformer
. Class A
. Discrete output
. ACSS technology
. Four-channel 100 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control
. etc ...

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Re: AUDIO-GD HE-9 vs Classé CP-800

Message par Rayphi » ven. 24 avr. 2020 11:37

HE-9 is a very good preamp!
I don't know the CP-800.
I know the Kenwood L1000C, I listened to a Krell preamp, several Halgorythme, and one Jadis D88s.
HE-9 equal to Krell, Halgorythme and Jadis? better than the L1000C by far, for me.