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Are these items compatible?

Publié : lun. 01 juin 2020 22:51
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Hello to All,
I have built an ESS9038 dual mono dac. The I/V output board requires 12v-0v-12v which I am getting from a PC 250w SFX psu, (Which also has 5v and 3.3v required by the other boards). Obviously I require something better to get the most from the dac. Therefore I have chosen the following components to supply the 12v-0v-12v of the output board. I will power the 5v and 3.3v from a separate psu.

Reference : 14333 Dual Linear Power Supply
Reference : 3629 Toroidal Transformer 30VA 2x15v

I have chosen the 15v transformer rather than 12v because I believe there will be a forward voltage drop across the diodes in the bridge rectifier, perhaps 1.2v to 1.4v per rail. I am also upgrading the 2114D op amps on the output board with Burson V5 discrete op amps and I feel they would benefit from the slight voltage increase to roughly 13.6v-13.8v.
I would be grateful if someone could confirm that my judgement and choice of components is correct or not, as the case maybe. Thank you for any help you can give.

Re: Are these items compatible?

Publié : jeu. 04 juin 2020 10:13
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Hi to All,
I have found a solution and am purchasing a single board Linear Power Supply with the transformer on the circuit board.
Thank you for your interest.