Rpi3+Allo Kali+Audiophonic I Sabre ES9028 Kali edition=No Sound

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Rpi3+Allo Kali+Audiophonic I Sabre ES9028 Kali edition=No Sound

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Dear All,

1st of all sorry for the english. I bought the mentioned setup, installed a RoopieeeXL to the raspberry, configured correctly, and no sound.
The cable is a simple GPIO cable, the power supply is 5V/3A and attached to the Kali, the jumper closed on it so the kali distribute the power for all.
I can see the device both in Roon and Spotify, i can send music there, looks like playing without any problem.
Looks like the music arrive to the Kali, because all led showing the correct status, and changing with music as well. Randomly blinking a blue led on the DAC card too.
If I remove the Kali, there are no problem, I can hear the cool quality of the DAC, so seems to me there are no problem with the DAC card.
Whats wrong? Maybe there is an error in Kali, or I just missed something?

Thanks in advance