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Audiophonics es9018k2m serial sync issue.

Publié : mar. 04 avr. 2017 12:26
par maccarry

First, I want to apologize about my English.

A few days ago, I bought a es9018k2m DAC. This one: ... 11500.html" onclick=";return false;

It sounds nicely with a 24bits FLAC file. But there is no way to bit play perfect 16bits files, not resampled. But the sync scrip doesn’t work. Well really the scrip works. I can see the ‘commands’ using a serial interface and a terminal emulator. But DAC doesn’t change play mode. It remains in 24bits. Playing only noise and some sounds.

I’ve tested the work modes:

In Mode Slave 1, the DAC works fine, always in 24bits mode. It is not an option for me, I want to play 16bits music without resampling. No display.

In Mode Standalone 2, DAC work in 16bits or 24bits, sound is nice, but I need to change working mode manually. Display works and show sampling rate.

Finally, in Mode Serial Hardware, DAC works only in 24bits mode. With 16bits music, shows the audiophonics logo. The script is sending the working mode and volume information through serial connection, but DAC doesn’t change it’s working mode.

My primary objective is run DAC in Mode Serial Hardware for automatically change between 16bits and 24-32bits. And obviously play 16bits and 24 bits in a bit perfect way.

Any ideas about how can I solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Re: Audiophonics es9018k2m serial sync issue.

Publié : mar. 04 avr. 2017 13:40
par Nicko

If show only Audiophonics logo in mode 3, it look like that the DAC do not receive the serial script...
What release are you using ? The serial port must be released in order to get serial connection on serial pins.

Re: Audiophonics es9018k2m serial sync issue.

Publié : mer. 05 avr. 2017 07:11
par maccarry

Correct, seems as a DAC doesn’t receive the serial information. But if wire from microcontroller is disconnected and a serial adapter is connected at pin 8 I can see the instructions sent by the script at the start of a song.

I’m currently using last version of RuneAudio modified by you.

I’m not sure about ‘release the serial port’. But I can see commands in a terminal using a serial adapter.

Results are the same using a Raspberry PI 2 or a Raspberry PI 3. And /boot/cmdline.txt doesn’t contain ‘console=ttyAMA0,115200 kgdboc=ttyAMA0,115200’.

Kind regards.

Re: Audiophonics es9018k2m serial sync issue.

Publié : mar. 11 avr. 2017 07:51
par maccarry
Really it seems that my unit is faulty. After a lot of testing with 2 different Raspberrys, one two and one three, and different Rune audio images, one provided by Audiophonics and other original from Runeaudio and manually modified with the scripts, none of them seems to work.

As explained before I can see data from Raspberry to the DAC. But nothing happens, no change to 16 bits mode and no volume change with 24 bit files.

So now I’m looking how to return the DAC to Audiophonics for fix it.

Kind regards.