I2S WM8804 Board and Wondom ADAU 1701

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I2S WM8804 Board and Wondom ADAU 1701

Message par TR_HH » ven. 21 févr. 2020 13:53

Hey together,

I need help to get the WM8804 Boad running with the ADAU 1701 via I2S.
The WM8804 Board should transform incomming SPDIf Signal from a CD-Player to I2S. The ADAU 1701 pushes out the incoming I2S signal over a crossover net and his internal DACs

Somebody has done it already succesfully?
Which role behavior you used?
I2S WM8804 Board as master or ADAU 1701 as master for the clock signal ?
I2S WM8804 Board in Hardware mode ?

Unfortunately the documentation of the I2S WM8804 Board is not as comprehensive like the original ww88094 cirrus testboard.
Which settings you have used on both cards?

Warm greetings from Hamburg Thomas