Speaker cable DIY

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Speaker cable DIY

Message par gav » dim. 13 mars 2016 19:17


I am going to prepare my first DIY speaker cable (~3m side), need it to be flat according to installation area.
Need your help!! (have no option to get for test :( )

Currently I am thinking about VDH The Arctic

Will it be compatible with those "pants"?
Or can you recommend another (white!) one?

Should I get crimps under spade terminations?
If yes will Furutech GS-28P fit or other/wider recommended?

As for spades - will W&A audio + heads be enough or this cable requires something better?

Thank you all for advice!

Ahh, it will connect PS Audio Sprout amplifier and Sonus Faber Toy shelf speakers.

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Re: Speaker cable DIY

Message par gulistan » dim. 20 mars 2016 13:25

Currently I am thinking about VDH The Arctic
Standard copper cable will be fine. There is no "sound" in speakers cables (if diameter is chosen according to power and lenght)