ADAU1701 and AA-AB41133 S/PDIF Coaxial to I2S WM8804

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ADAU1701 and AA-AB41133 S/PDIF Coaxial to I2S WM8804

Message par TR_HH » lun. 03 févr. 2020 11:19

Hey together,
I want to connect my sure dsp adau1701 via I2S with the Wondowm AA-AB41133 S7PDIFto I2S Interface card.
Has someone of you done this successfully?
If yes, I will be very interested which settings you used on both sides.

I use the sure-dsp as master with 96khz and 24 bit resolution and the wondowm Interface board as slave.
(The Sure Dsp works already fine which I tested by using an digiout channel with a generated sinus signal as source for an other digin channel)
But both together connected don't work. So there must be some failures in settings. In the evening I will place here more pictures of my settings.
settungsure_ADAU1701.jpg (62.62 Kio) Consulté 45 fois
Thank you in advance
Warm greeting from Hamburg
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