Zynthian on the RaspTouch (Amp) – Works Great!

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Zynthian on the RaspTouch (Amp) – Works Great!

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I have a RaspTouch Amp for some time now and tried different OS images for it, but I was not really happy with any of them and haven’t used it much.
Also, I play music on a cheap keyboard with build in speakers, which doesn’t sound great.
So recently I found this awesome Linux distro called Zynthian and had to try it.
It runs wonderfully on the RaspTouch, the sound is great, there are endless amounts of Synths and effects, plus a whole lot of other instruments, with some great piano sounds including support for Pianoteq.
I want to share this great experience here, so others can do the same.

Here is a step-by-step explanation to get everything running. The setup took <30 minutes.
I downloaded the last stable official image from the https://zynthian.org/#software (version 9/2020) and used the raspberry pi imager to put it on a microSD card.
After booting I opened the web interface of Zynthian.
I used the web interface to update to the latest packages.
I changed display option to ‘Generic HDMI Display’ (800x480).
I changed the soundcard to ‘HifiBerry DAC+ light’ (same ES9023 DAC? or at least compatible).
I changed the wiring to ‘DUMMIES’.
To get the power button to work, I followed the instructions from https://github.com/audiophonics/Raspber ... management in /boot/config.txt add :
Then I plugged in a MIDI keyboard via USB.
No further changes were necessary. The touch screen works great for controlling Zynthian.

So if you have a Midi keyboard and a RaspTouch you should absolutely try this.
Works great. Highly recommended!